About wolves in Polish Radio

Maciej Szewczyk was a guest of the afternoon show in the National Polish Radio Channel 4. Maciej presented wolf ecology and conservation in Poland. The podcast is available online.


Wolf paper in „Mammalian Biology”

Our new article on spatial ecology of wolves „Spatial organization in wolves Canis lupus recolonizing north-west Poland: Large territories at low population density” by Robert Mysłajek, Maciej Tracz, Magdalena Tracz, Patrycja Tomczak, Maciej Szewczyk, Natalia Niedźwiecka and Sabina Nowak, was published online in „Mammalian Biology”.


The Night of Wolves

Members of our group (Dr. Sabina Nowak and Dr. Robert Mysłajek) and our former students (Kinga Stępniak and Tom Diserens) conducted lectures about wolf ecology and conservation during The Night of Wolves, an educational event organized by Białowieża National Park. The event, held in Białowieża at 27-28 January 2018, was attended by over 100 people.


BSc students defend dissertations

Kinga Stępniak and Iga Kwiatkowska successfully defended their dissertations at the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw and were awarded BSc degrees in animal sciences. Both thesis, which focused on the patterns of olfactory  markings in wolves (Kinga) and current distribution of the Eurasian lynx in western Poland (Iga) were supervised by Dr. Robert Mysłajek […]


„The Guardian”

Conservation Genetics Group leader Dr. Robert Mysłajek spoke to The Guardian about a wolf which escaped from a wildlife sanctuary in Berkshire, UK. He claimed the British could get unnecessarily worried by wolves because they lost connection with large carnivores centuries ago. Fortunately, the animal was captured five hours later in the village of Curridge, […]


The Night of Biologists

Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave a lecture about wolves during The Night of Biologists organized at the Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw.


Wolves on the cover of „Diversity and Distributions”

An article on genetic of Carpathian wolves, co-authored by members of our research group, was published in the „Diversity and Distributions”. Editors have choosen this article to advertise the whole issue, thus wolves appeared also on the cover.


Award for scientific achievements

Members of our research group – Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Maciej Szewczyk – received the team award of the Rector of the University of Warsaw for scientific achievements. The award was given for a series of articles devoted to the genetics and ecology of the wolf.


Our student awarded

Kinga Stępniak received an award for the best talk during review of scientific achievements of students of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Kinga conducts her studies on the olfactory communication in wild-living wolves under supervision of Dr. Robert Mysłajek from our research group.


Conference „Wild animals around us”

Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave lecture about rehabilitation of wild wolves during 1st Polish Conference „Wild animals around us: welfare, rehabilitation and ethical treatment of wild-living species” organized in Warsaw, Poland, by the society People for Animals ANIWEL.


Genetics of Carpathian wolves

International team of scientists from Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania published article focused on the genetics of wolves inhabiting Carpathian Mountains. Paper, entitled „Wolves at the crossroad: Fission–fusion range biogeography in the Western Carpathians and Central Europe” appeared today in „Diversity and Distributions”. Article was co-authored by member and co-workers of our research group […]

P1040089 — kopia

Wolf lecture in Austria

Dr. Robert Mysłajek and Dr. Sabian Nowak gave a lecture about wolf ecology and conservation in Poland for the staff and students of the Wolf Science Centre in Ernstbrunn, Austria.


Wolf cover of the Diversity and Distributions

November issue of the „Diversity and Distributions” includs also an article co-authored by our team „Sedentary but not dispersing wolves Canis lupus recolonizing western Poland (2001–2016) conform to the predictions of a habitat suitability model”. Polish wolves photographed by Dr. Robert Mysłajek are also on the journal’s cover.


Wolf lecture in Tuchola forest

Dr. Robert Mysłajek gave a lecture „Use of genetic tools in wolf research and management” during a seminar organized by the „Bory Tucholskie” National Park (NW Poland). Seminar was attended by 50 foresters, hunters, staff of nature conservation agencies, national and landscape parks, veterinarians, jurnalists and councilors of local municipalities.


Wolf poster awarded

It is our pleasure to inform, that our BSc student Kinga Stępniak was awarded a third place in the category „poster” during 11th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, held in Berlin, 4-7 October 2017. The conference, which was organized by the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, was attended by […]