Behaviour 2017

Around 1000 scientists participated in 35th International Ethological Conference Behaviour 2017, held in Estoril, Portugal, between 30th July and 4th August. Our team presented a talk „Plasticity in den selection of wolves Canis lupus recolonizing central Europe” (Dr. Robert Mysłajek) and poster „Scent-marking behaviour in grey wolves Canis lupus inhabiting managed forests in northeast Poland” […]

praca_mgr — kopia

M.Sc. in environmental management

Our MSc student Tom Diserens have successfully defended his thesis in Environmental Management entitled „Deficiencies in Natura 2000 for protection of the wolf Canis lupus in Poland”. Thesis was elaborated under the supervison of Dr. Robert Mysłajek. Congratulations!


Using music to communicate science

This summer University of Warsaw organized series of events, where researchers use music to communicate science. Today event, performed by Dr. Robert Mysłajek in company of The New Warsaw Trio, was dedicated to voices of Nature. Music lecture was attended by ca. 500 people, mostly families with kids.


B.Sc. on wildlife forensic genetics

Our BSc student Zuzanna Słonawska have successfully defended her thesis, which focused on wildlife forensic genetics, and was elaborated under the supervison of Dr. Robert Mysłajek. Congratulations!


Wolf seminar

Dr. Robert Mysłajek presented a talk focused on the application of genetic tools in studies on wolves during a seminar „A wolf – species at the edge of nature and hunting” organized by State Forest Division in Wejherowo.


About wolves in Polish Radio 24

Dr. Robert Mysłajek was a guest of the show „Time for science” in the Polish Radio 24. Robert presented studies on the Polish wolf population. The podcast is available online.


Rehabilitated wolf released back into the wild

A male gray wolf was released into the Kampinos National Park after two months of rehabilitation. The place of the release was specifically chosen following extensive genetic research by our group. The release was done by members of the Association for Nature „Wolf”, staff of State Forest Division in Olsztynek and Kampinos National Park.


A science picnic

21st Science Picnic, organized by the Kopernik Science Centre and Polish National Radio, was held at National Stadium in Warsaw at 3rd June. The event was as usually attended by thousends of people. Dr. Robert Mysłajek from our research group popularized biological sciences together with member of the Society „Science Advocates”.


Students Mammalogical Conference

5th Polish Students Mammalogical Conference took part in Poznań. The conference was attended by our students Tom Diserens, Kinga Stępniak and Iga Kwiatkowska, along with our co-operatiors from the Association for Nature „Wolf” – Michał Figura and Patrycja Tomczak. Dr. Robert Mysłajek was a plenary speaker opening English session.


Wolves in

Maciej Szewczyk and Natalia Niedźwiecka presented our studies on wolves inhabiting Kaminos National Park in the


Wolves in Radio RDC

Maciej Szewczyk presented our studies on wolves from Kaminos National Park in Radio RDC. Podcast is available online


Science popularization at the Faculty of Biology

Please visit Science Popularization Event at Faculty of Biology University of Warsaw. You may watch our presentation „Geneticians on the wolf tracks” at the wall screen situated in the main holl of the faculty.


Polish Press Agency about our studies

Polish Press Agency in its service dedicated to science described our studies on wolves in the Kampinos National Park near Warsaw.


Study at University of Warsaw

We promote studies at the University of Warsaw. A description of our research appeared on the website of the University of Warsaw where is among the attractions that encourage young people to study at the best university in Poland.


DNA analysis helps wolves

Our research group help wolves injured in traffic accidents. Currently we identified origin of the wolf hit by car at edge of the Kampinoski National Park, near Polish capitol Warsaw. Dr. Natalia Niedźwiecka and Maciej Szewczyk compared his DNA with genetic profiles of wolves from various parts of Poland. We have proven that wolf is […]